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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1Art Deco Style Lamp With Tassel Shade$0.00
2Art Nouveau Style Table Lamp with Copper Shade$0.00
3Art Nouveau Sculpture Pedestal$0.00
4Metal Urn Table Lamp With Copper Patina$0.00
5Blenko Glass Illuminating Side Table$0.00
6Victorian Vanity Mirror and Dresser Set$0.00
7Victorian Table Lamp With Shade$0.00
8Figural Brass Stand$0.00
9Art Nouveau Figural Footstool$0.00
10Renaissance Revival Metal Table Lamp$0.00
11Grouping of Metal Decorative Accessories$0.00
12Grouping of Decorative Desk Items$0.00
13Victorian Amphora Lamp$0.00
14Art Deco Figural Lamp$0.00
15Art Deco Floor Lamp and Stand$0.00
16Neoclassical Style Lighted Fish Bowl$0.00
17Alabaster View Finder Showing Scenes of London$0.00
183 Boudoir Glass Shade Lamps$0.00
19Art Nouveau Nude Bronze$0.00
20Neoclassical Bronze Eagle Talon Plant Stand$0.00
214 Art Nouveau Items$0.00
223 Art Deco Figural Tabletop Items$0.00
23Art Nouveau Single Chandelier$0.00
24Art Nouveau Figural Lamp With Bellova Shade$0.00
25Two Figural and Architectural Novelty Desk Lamps$0.00
26Folk Art Wooden Horse and Carriage Lamp$0.00
27Markel Art Deco Iron Table Lamp$0.00
28Trench Art Table Lamp$0.00
29Metal Statue of Horse With Man On Wooden Base$0.00
30Charles Georges Ferville Suan White Metal Clock$0.00
31Art Nouveau Silver Tone Torch Table Lamp$0.00
32Figural Tray and Inkwell$0.00
33Art Deco Horse Table Lamp$0.00
34JB Hirsch Style Art Deco Figural Table Lamp$0.00
35JB Hirsch Style Alabaster & White Metal Lamp$0.00
36Arts & Crafts Metal Slag Glass Lamp, EF Industries$0.00
37Metal Cherub Table Lamp With Torch Shade$0.00
38Art Nouveau Figural Patented Metal Candlestick$0.00
39Art Deco Illuminating Sculpture Pedestal$0.00
40After Louis Hottot White Metal Bust of a Woman$0.00
418 Metal Decorative Objects$0.00
42Bronze Grouping on Alabaster and Onyx Base$0.00
43White Metal Peacock on Branch$0.00
44Cast Iron Mermaid Fish Bowl Stand Light$0.00
45Victorian Bird Cage and Fishbowl Stand$0.00
46After Lore Friedrich-Gronau Sculpture Lamp$0.00
47Art Deco Dancer Painted Metal Sculpture$0.00
48Art Deco Dancer Painted Metal Sculpture$0.00
49Burlesque Dancer Lamp with Chunk Glass Shade$0.00
50Victorian Illuminating Lion Wall Lamp$0.00
51Art Deco Sculpture$0.00
52Art Nouveau Nude Bronzes Outsider Art Display$0.00
53Italian Musical Cigarette Dispenser$0.00
54Calpa Brass Candelabra Lamp$0.00
55Victorian Ship's Lamp Console with Mica Shading$0.00
56Walnut Carved Wood Ship's Figurehead$0.00
57Venetian Style Hanging Star Lamp$0.00
58Victorian Wall Rack with Painted Tin Flowers$0.00
59Claude Bonnefond Nymph Bronze$0.00
60Art Deco Figural Whale Fish Bowl$0.00
61Bronze Statue of Zeus at Olympia$0.00
62Victor Rousseau Le Devoir White Metal Sculpture$0.00
63Figural Clock and Candle Holder$0.00
64Pair of Art Nouveau Figural Brass Candlesticks$0.00
65Art Nouveau Slag Glass Table Lamp$0.00
66Art Deco Hanging Lamp With Shade$0.00
67Art Deco Table Lamp with Stained Glass Shade$0.00
68Art Nouveau Figural Metal Smoking Stand$0.00
693 Boudoir Lamps$0.00
70Bronze Art Deco 5 Light Fixture$0.00
712 Epergnes$0.00
72Adelphi Silverplate Art Nouveau Tazza$0.00
73Carved Wooden Elephant Table Lamp$0.00
74Flapper with Head Cap Lamp$0.00
75Carved African Style Side Table$0.00
76Art Deco Fishbowl on Stand$0.00
77Arabian White Metal Figure Group$0.00
78Metal Statue of Elephants and Tree$0.00
79Austrian Cold Painted Bronze Lamp$0.00
80Fantasy Outsider Folk Art Planter$0.00
81Pair Figural Cast Metal Gargoyle Dog Lamps$0.00
82Figural Gilt Painted Wood & Metal Lizard Lamp$0.00
83Bronze Art Nouveau Stand$0.00
84Holland Brass Works Found Object Torchiere Lamp$0.00
85Found Object Art Bear Paw Taxidermy Crystal Ball$0.00
86Slag Glass Lantern Lamp$0.00
87Uranium Glass & Brass Light Up Fishbowl$0.00
882 Floral Center Pieces$0.00
89Brass & Glass Lantern Table Lamp$0.00
90Rhinoceros Bust and Resting Hippopotamus Sculpture$0.00
916 Sea Life Sculptures$0.00
92Mink Taxidermy in Display Case$0.00
93Two Owl Decorative Accessories$0.00
94Scuba Diving Helmet Stand Outsider Art$0.00
95Carved Nautical Octopus Sculpture on Pedestal$0.00
96Lighthouse Floor Lamp$0.00
97Caged Beast Diorama$0.00
98Metal Octopus Lamp with Pottery Coral Shade$0.00
99Found Object Lamp$0.00
100Gilt Brass Urn Lamp with Cobras$0.00
101Peacock Full Body Taxidermy Mount$0.00
102Caiman Crocodile Taxidermy & Bug Diorama$0.00
103Found Object Faun Lamp$0.00
104Found Object Lamp$0.00
105Art Deco Griffin Caged Glass Lamp$0.00
106Halloween Skeleton Folk Art Ferris Wheel$0.00
107Devil Jack In The Box Folk Art$0.00
108Gorilla Diorama on Neo Classical Stand$0.00
109Macabre Devil Outsider Art Piece$0.00
110Skeleton Metal Plant Stand$0.00
111Art Deco Green Glass Illuminating Wall Console$0.00
112Art Nouveau Green Glass Wall Light Stand$0.00
113Monumental Carved Notre Dame Gothic Spire Replica$0.00
114Egyptian Revival Style Sarcophagus Cabinet$0.00
115Handmade Dinosaur Diorama$0.00
116Art Deco Uranium Glass Cigarette Box$0.00
117Iron Empire State Building Table Lamp$0.00
118Quail Branch Mount Taxidermy$0.00
119Patinated Cast Iron Shrimp Planter$0.00
120Folk Art Largemouth Bass on Driftwood$0.00
121Victorian Style Illuminating Sculpture Pedestal$0.00
122Chanel Bust and Body Pedestal Outsider Art Piece$0.00
123Painted Metal Orientalist Lamp$0.00
124Copper Horse and Jockey Weathervane$0.00
125Aesthetic Movement Style Floor Lamp$0.00
126Stromberg-Carlson Radio Receiver No. 240-R$0.00
127Reverse Painted Glass Fireplace Screen$0.00
128Nasco Iron Gas Pump Lighter Fluid Dispenser$0.00
1296 Estate Pipes and Pipe Display Holder$0.00
130Early 20th Century Tobacco Spittoon and Tin$0.00
131Pair of Bradley & Hubbard Brass Smoking Stands$0.00
132Italian Folding Shaving Stand with Mirror$0.00
133Brass & Wood Water Clock$0.00
134Steel Engraving Plate of Lincoln & Jefferson$0.00
135Arts & Crafts Table Lamp$0.00
1362 Early 20th Century Clocks$0.00
137Arts & Crafts Slag Glass Floor Lamp$0.00
1382 Pair PM Craftsman & LV Aronson Figural Bookends$0.00
139Figural Fairy Polychromatic Lamp on Stand$0.00
140Bradley & Hubbard Cast Iron Dragon Kerosene Lamp$0.00
141Arts & Crafts Wood Table Lamp and Stand$0.00
142Art Deco Painted Metal Uranium Lighted Fishbowl$0.00
143Art Deco Hanging Chandelier$0.00
1442 Art Deco Lamps$0.00
145Frankart Figural Lamp with Amber Glass Shade$0.00
146Art Deco Nuart Lamp with Control Bubble Glass$0.00
147Art Deco Table Lamp with Mica Shade$0.00
148German Figural Art Deco Lamp$0.00
1492 Art Nouveau Patinated Pewter Plaques$0.00
150Art Nouveau Jewelry Casket and Pottery Vase$0.00
151After Louis Albert Carvin Art Deco Seal Planter$0.00
1522 Figural Art Deco Table Lamps$0.00
153Neoclassical Brass Plant Stand with Glass Bowl$0.00
154Painted Brass Floor Lamp with Glass Shade$0.00
155After Mathurin Moreau Bronze Lamp$0.00
156After Dimitri Chiparus Dourga Metal Lamp$0.00
157After Adolph Weinman Icarus Painted Bronze$0.00
158French White Metal Sculpture Seated Lady$0.00
159Sleeping Woman Patinated Bronze on Green Onyx Base$0.00
160After Antonio Frilli Composite Bust$0.00
161Faux Bronze of a Strongman$0.00
1623 Mythological Sculptures$0.00
163Early 20th Century Bulldog Pottery Planter$0.00
164Wrought Iron Candle Stand$0.00
165Art Glass End Table$0.00
1662 Wood Arts & Crafts Plant Stands$0.00
1672 Metal Figural Stands$0.00
168Iron Victorian Garden Planter Bank$0.00
1692 Figural Footstools$0.00
1702 Tiered Upholstered Sewing Stand$0.00
171Victorian Iron Fishbowl$0.00
172Renaissance Revival Floor Lamp$0.00
173Chinoiserie Style Lacquered Sculpture Pedestal$0.00
174Manner of Louis Hottot Orientalist Metal Lamp$0.00
175Renaissance Revival Gilt Bronze Figural Lamp$0.00
176Egyptian Revival Bust in Frame$0.00
177Egyptian Revival Bronze Nude Lamp$0.00
178Italian Glazed Pottery Leopard$0.00
179French Porcelain and Brass Shell Inkwell$0.00
180Chinese Figural Lamp$0.00
181Marble Bust & 2 Hardstone Sculptures$0.00
182Moose Table Lamp, Buffalo & Stag Inkwells$0.00
1832 Metal Table Lamps with Mica Shades$0.00
184Art Nouveau Patinated Metal Table Lamp$0.00
1853 Piece Figural Pottery Grouping$0.00
186Carved Chinese Wooden Figure$0.00
1874 Piece Art Glass Grouping$0.00
1883 Pottery Items$0.00
189After Frank Frazetta ReelArt Egyptian Queen Statue$0.00
190Orientalist Lithograph & Allegorical Tin Panel$0.00
191Louis Pasteur Vanity Fair Lithograph$0.00
192Rastron Print$0.00
193Maxfield Parrish "Daybreak" Lithograph$0.00
1942 Maxfield Parrish Prints$0.00
1953 After Owen B. Carter Lithographs Views of Cairo$0.00
1963 After Owen B. Carter Lithographs Views of Cairo$0.00
1973 Views of Cairo Lithographs$0.00
198O.J. Jones Watercolor Yeni Yani Constantinople$0.00
199Harold Altman Lithograph Three People$0.00
2002 Prints After John Hulse$0.00
2012 Prints After John Hulse$0.00
202After John Hulse Lithograph Vieux Paris$0.00
203Acrylic on Canvas Flower Bouquet$0.00
2043 Etchings$0.00
2052 Elisha Kent Kane Wetherill Etchings$0.00
206Ludovic Rodo Pissarro Watercolor Nude$0.00
20720th Century Oil On Canvas Venice Italy$0.00
208After William Bygrave Lithograph$0.00
209After Charles Willson Peal Lithograph$0.00
210Bob Guccione Signed Sketch$0.00
211Hudson River Valley School Oil on Canvas Landscape$0.00
2122 Lithograph Posters$0.00
213Jovan Obican Lithograph Village Wedding on Donkey$0.00
214Joyce Stillman-Myers Oil on Canvas "My Liar"$0.00
215After Delaroche Napoleon Hand Colored Engraving$0.00
216Erte Mirage Editions Serigraph Poster$0.00
2173 Erte Posters$0.00
2184 James Moore Preston Prints$0.00
219Anthony Michael Autorino Oil on Canvas$0.00
220Oil on Board Place de L'Opera$0.00
221Harry Barton Oil on Wood Panel Vermont Landscape$0.00
222Chippendale Style Mahogany Secretary$0.00
223Edwardian Ladies Writing Desk$0.00
224George III Chippendale Style Chair$0.00
2252 Leather Upholstered Foot Stools$0.00
226Pair of English Chippendale Chairs with Rush Seats$0.00
227Federal Style Demilune Side Table$0.00
228American Chippendale Slant Front Desk$0.00
229Pair of Neoclassical Style Etageres$0.00
230American Aesthetic Movement Partner's Desk$0.00
231American Aesthetic Movement Sideboard$0.00
232Diminutive Federal Server$0.00
233Queen Anne Style Marquetry Inlaid Nesting Tables$0.00
234Set of 6 Queen Anne Chinoiserie Style Chairs$0.00
23519th Century Louis XV Marble Top Nightstand$0.00
236William and Mary Style Wing Chair by Lee Jofa$0.00
237William and Mary Upholstered Footstool$0.00
238Pair of Chippendale Brass Andirons$0.00
239Etched and Painted Art Deco Style Mirror$0.00
240Minton Haddon Hall Porcelain Dinner Service for 12$0.00
241Iridescent Frog Table Lamp$0.00
242German Wax Relief Trumpeter$0.00
2436 American Brown Glass Bottles & Jug$0.00
24414 Georges Boyer Limoges Porcelain Dinner Plates$0.00
245Russian Brass Samovar$0.00
24638 Pieces Kosta Boda Pippi Glassware$0.00
247Pair of George McMongle Bisque Porcelain Plaques$0.00
2484 Pottery Masks$0.00
249After Meissonier Porcelain Vase Lamp$0.00
25049 Pieces Johnson Bros Porcelain$0.00
251106 Pieces Lenox Jacquard Gold Porcelain$0.00
2529 Porcelain Teacups and Saucers$0.00
2536 Pieces of Bennington Brown Pottery$0.00
2542 Baccarat Crystal Figurines Tauni De Lesseps$0.00
2556 Marlborough Simpson Ironstone Fish Plates$0.00
2564 Majolica Dishes$0.00
25737 Piece Franconia Coffee and Dessert Set$0.00
2583 Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Bowls$0.00
2592 Glass Decorative Items$0.00
260Watercolor and Pencil Clipper Ship$0.00
261H. Parker Oil on Canvas Clipper Ship Battle$0.00
262Louis Wolchonok Oil on Canvas Trains$0.00
263Louis Wolchonok Watercolor on Paper$0.00
264Louis Wolchonok Gouache on Paper$0.00
265Louis Wolchonok Watercolor on Paper$0.00
266Louis Wolchonok Gouache on Paper$0.00
267Joseph Pennell Niagara Etching$0.00
268Joseph Pennell Watercolor and Gouache on Paper$0.00
269Elisee Maclet Watercolor on Paper$0.00
270Oil On Canvas Sailboats Eduardo De Martino$0.00
271George Weatherhill Watercolor on Paper$0.00
272F.T. Bowers Charcoal, Watercolor, Pencil on Paper$0.00
273Franck Taylor Bowers Pencil & Watercolor on Paper$0.00
2742 Franck Taylor Bowers Drawings$0.00
275Jean Misceslas Peske Pastel on Paper$0.00
276Jean Misceslas Peske Pastel on Paper$0.00
277Ary Scheffer Oil on Board$0.00
2782 Dard Hunter III Mission Framed Prints$0.00
2792 Dard Hunter III Mission Framed Prints$0.00
280American Arts and Crafts Desk and Ladderback Chair$0.00
281American Arts and Crafts Side Table$0.00
282Arts and Crafts Style Wooden Bench$0.00
283English Arts and Crafts Side Table$0.00
284English Arts and Crafts Tiered Side Table$0.00
285Pair of Shaker Style Ladderback Lounge Chairs$0.00
286Federal Style Eagle Gilded Bullseye Mirror$0.00
287Colonial Style Side Table$0.00
288Farmer's Style Cocktail Table$0.00
289Indian Low Table / Bed$0.00
290Leslie Diamond for Conant Ball Mid Century Dresser$0.00
291Mid Century Modern Tambour Dining Table and Server$0.00
292Arc Floor Lamp in the Manner of Goffredo Reggiani$0.00
293Ralph Lauren Style Cantilever Floor Lamp$0.00
294Marcel Breuer Style Canvas Side Chair$0.00
295Danish Modern Glass Cocktail Table$0.00
296Leonardo Marelli for Estiluz Reading Floor Lamp$0.00
2972 Mid Century Modern Zebra Hide Tripod Stools$0.00
298Mies Van Der Rohe Style Barcelona Cocktail Table$0.00
299Eight String Banjo Banjolin$0.00
300Gibson Small Tenor Banjo$0.00
301A. Galiano Roundback Mandolin$0.00
302Four String Tenor Banjo$0.00
303Bacon and Day Silver Bell Plectrum Banjo$0.00
304Rettberg and Lange Orpheum No. 1 Tenor Banjo$0.00
3053 Pieces Weighted Sterling$0.00
306Gorham Sterling Presentation Tray$0.00
3076 Silver Items$0.00
30854 Pieces Reed & Barton Diamond Sterling Flatware$0.00
309Crystal Box With 800 Silver Lid$0.00
3104 Sterling Rimmed Coasters, Silverplate Tableware$0.00
311Grouping of 24 Silverplate Items$0.00
312English Neoclassical Silverplate Coffee Urn$0.00
313Eton Silver Plate Electric Chafing Dish$0.00
314Birks Primrose Plate Teaset and Tray$0.00
315Pair of English Silverplate Wine Coolers$0.00
3164 Silverplate Items, 2 Norwegian Pewter Utensils$0.00
317Ronson Diana Lighter & Silverplate Cigarette Case$0.00
318Grouping of Sterling Jewelry, 14k Gold Pendant$0.00
31914k Gold Pendant & 12k Gold Chain$0.00
320Grouping of Costume & Jade Jewelry$0.00
321Collection of Heidi Daus Jewelry$0.00
322Grouping of Natural Jewelry$0.00
3237 Western Belt Buckles$0.00
324Collection of Cufflinks and Leather Case$0.00
325Print of Franklin D. Roosevelt$0.00
3262 United States Presidents Graphite on Paper$0.00
327Chen Chi Lithograph Landscape$0.00
328Karou Kawano Woodblock Print "May"$0.00
329Cornelia D Baker Drypoint on Plastic$0.00
330Currier & Ives Hand Colored Lithograph$0.00
331William Henry Shelton Etching Going into Action$0.00
332After Winslow Homer Harper's Weekly Engraving$0.00
333Al Hirschfeld Lithograph Marlene Dietrich$0.00
3342 Juan Castells Marti Woodblock Prints$0.00
335Moshe Gat Lithograph, Man in a Boat$0.00
336Alexander Calder Lithograph Poster$0.00
337Lebadang Boats Lithograph$0.00
338Osvaldo Romberg Lithograph$0.00
339Cubist Pastel on Paper Girl at a Desk$0.00
340Dorothy Humphrey Oil on Canvas Figure with Bandana$0.00
341Dorothy Humphrey Oil on Canvas Girl at a Desk$0.00
342Ryusai Shigeharu Japanese Woodblock Print$0.00
343Ando Hiroshige Japanese Woodblock Print$0.00
344Utagawa Kunisada Triptych Woodblock Print$0.00
345Utagawa Kunisada Triptych Woodblock Print$0.00
346Pair of Faux Bamboo Metal Etageres$0.00
347Pair of Hollywood Regency Style Side Tables$0.00
348English Georgian Bachelors' Chest or Dresser$0.00
349RJ Horner Louis XV Style Bureau Plat$0.00
350French Provincial Fruitwood Commode$0.00
351Set of Wicker Salesman Sample Furniture$0.00
352Pair of Howard Style Upholstered Armchairs$0.00
353Pair of Mason-Art Custom Swivel Lounge Chairs$0.00
354Contemporary Upholstered Carlyle Style Sofa$0.00
355Sheraton Reverse Painted Mahogany Mirror$0.00
356Georgian Chippendale Style Tilt Top Table$0.00
357Pair of American Classical Style Nightstands$0.00
358Victorian Chinoiserie Bamboo Pedestal Desk$0.00
359Regency Style Sideboard$0.00
360Rockford Furniture Mahogany Secretary$0.00
361Louis XVI Style Silver Tone Cocktail Table$0.00
362Continental Carved Side Gaming Chair$0.00
363Federal Style Mirror$0.00
364Bokhara Style Rug$0.00
365Room Size Handmade Indian Rug$0.00
366Room Size Chinese Rug$0.00
367Persian Tree of Life Prayer Rug$0.00
36819th Century Woven Quilt$0.00
36919th Century Woven Quilt$0.00
370Mica Lamp Co. Table Lamp$0.00
371Slip Glazed Terracotta Vase, Stoneware Crock$0.00
372Embroidered Silk Panel American Eagle$0.00
3734 Canes / Walking Sticks$0.00
374Credo Cigar Humidor$0.00
375Handel Style Art Nouveau Tulip Form Lamp$0.00
376Carved Granite Inuit In Style Of Pauta Saila$0.00
377Victorian Walnut Jewelry Chest$0.00
3788 Pieces Winterling Bavaria Porcelain Dinnerware$0.00
379Chinese Ginger Jar Table Lamp$0.00
380Victorian Style Glass and Enamel Lamp$0.00
381Pair of Cut Glass Decanters$0.00
382Mutual Sunset Lighting Company Neoclassical Lamp$0.00
383E. Casseratti Framed Porcelain Plaque$0.00
384Indonesian Polychrome Garuda Statue$0.00
3856 Balinese Wood Masks and Sculptures$0.00
386Shakyamuni Bronze Buddha Statue$0.00
387Javanese Volcanic Rock Deity Sculpture$0.00
3882 Korean Stone Arhat Statues$0.00
389Carved Korean Buddha Sculpture$0.00
390Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity Wooden Sculpture$0.00
391Tibetan Yab Yum Polychrome Bronze Deity$0.00
392Dalail Al Khaurat Prayer Book Leaf$0.00
39314th Century Quran Folio$0.00
394Japanese Silk Obi$0.00
395Burmese Kalaga Beaded Tapestry$0.00
396Indonesian Buddhist Statue Oil on Canvas$0.00
397Indian Pichwai, Krishna and Radha$0.00
3982 Evelina Mount Oils on Board$0.00
3994 James Carter Artist Proof Lithographs$0.00
4002 Rococo Fashion Engravings$0.00
401Neo Expressionist Acrylic on Board Portrait$0.00
402Pastel on Paper Portrait of a Woman$0.00
403After Roberto Ferruzzi Madonnina Oil on Canvas$0.00
4042 Space Prints$0.00
405Ink and Pastel on Paper Norse God Vidarr$0.00
406Johfra Bosschart Gemini Print$0.00
407After William Henry Bartlett, 5 Scenic Engravings$0.00
4082 Japanese Watercolor Winter Landscapes$0.00
4092 Allegorical Engravings$0.00
4102 Oval Oil on Board Portraits$0.00
411After Jean Michel Moreau the Younger Engraving$0.00
412Leon Foster Jones Etching Beached Schooners$0.00
413Pastel on Paper Street Scene$0.00
414Impasto Oil on Board, Floral Still Life$0.00
4153 Pieces Religious Artwork$0.00
416Metropolitan Museum of Art Album of Miniatures$0.00
417Hudson River Drawing & Abraham Lincoln Print$0.00
418Abraham Lincoln Metal Cameo Plaque$0.00
419Lyndon Johnson Autographed The Professional$0.00
42017th, 18th & 19th Century French Documents$0.00
4215 Pieces Frog Ceramics and Pottery$0.00
422Crystal Inkwell with Hammered Metal Lid$0.00
423Bronze Brutalist Sculpture$0.00
424Crystal Bowl, Decanter and 2 Paperweights$0.00
425Pair of Chinese Export Porcelain Baluster Vases$0.00
426Gilbert & Son Belfast Alabaster & Gilt Metal Clock$0.00
427Ron Schmidt Metal Sculpture$0.00
4288 German Porcelain Dogs$0.00
429Mid Century Modern Table Lamp$0.00
43010 Crystal Items$0.00
43113 Signed Non-Fiction Books$0.00
432Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver R-5$0.00
433Globe Floor Lamp$0.00
43418th Century French Barometer & Thermometer$0.00
4357 Pieces Mid Century Modern Pottery$0.00
436Manner of Shlomo Gabbai 2 Brutalist Sculptures$0.00
437Pair of Chinese Export Tea Canisters$0.00
4383 Early 20th Century Calendars$0.00
439Royal Bonn Delft Porcelain Vase$0.00
4406 Pipes & 2 Lighters$0.00
441Japanese Lacquer Tray$0.00
442Toiletry Case, 2 Whiskey Flasks & Opera Glasses$0.00
443Lacquered Tea Caddy & 4 Lacquered Dishes$0.00
4446 20th Century Japanese Porcelain Plates$0.00
445Israeli Repousse Copper Chargers and Plaque$0.00
446Bordallo Pinheiro Ceramic Frog Spittoon$0.00
447Upholstered Footstool & Handled Wood Lunch Box$0.00
448Swallowtail & Great Southern White Butterflies$0.00
449Parthenon Plaster Relief Panel$0.00
45015 Pieces Neker Studio Glass Israel$0.00
4512 Glass Decanters, 6 Shot Glasses & Walnut Tray$0.00
4522 Metal Wall Sculptures$0.00
453Signed Baseball Photographs Aaron McCovey, Gibson$0.00